The journey is the reward

The perceived prize is not there at the end of the dream.

This may seem like a societal anti-pattern but it has to be lived to be understood. If you strive to become who you truly are, and commit to working towards this, you will be rewarded.

It’s to live the journey of life itself, and to understand that within that journey you’ll find reward in the process of learning and developing. It’s not writing for the purpose of having your views gratified or to have a book published. Goals are important, but they act simply as a beacon for your concentration, the process leading to that beacon is the prize.

The joy really is in living the journey, failing, recovering, failing, recovering, rinse and repeat. The joy isn’t in removing all risk and adventure so we are ‘safe’. That is escaping the truth of reality, survival is ever-present, and we must continue to develop. Not developing so we can get likes and shares, but developing in a way of becoming who you truly are, pursuing things you really believe in, even if the end goal seems unachievable or not in line with societal expectations.

This is the same kicker for me. I thought my writing will be the end goal that will bring me joy and peace. Instead, I realised that learning itself, needing not even to profess it to anyone but myself, is the reward. I don’t need to turn it into X or Y.

I’m inward facing, not outward facing
I aim to resist my ego’s temptation for gratification
I aim to resist my ego’s need to change everyone and the world
I can only change myself, and that is enough

The world is imperfect
That is the design
I must accept this to truly understand
My longing to change people
Is simply an extension of my ego

It’s accepting that things aren’t perfect
And thats ok
You can ask people the right questions
But you cannot live their journey
For them

I must remind myself
Not to act too timidly
Not to be fearful of making mistakes
Not to listen to other people above my own voice

Making mistakes is where beauty lives
Beauty and pain often live hand-in-hand
It’s the way it is
Try to resist it
You will lose

The joy is in taking a step
In pushing forward
With what you always feared
But what about this?
But what about that?

Choose to either take action
Or continue on this journey of numbness
Seeking highs to justify your decision
Deep down it will never stop knocking at your door

Begin the process now
Rather than when you are about to die
For death can come knocking at anytime
Let it be the ultimate motivator

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