Music for the journey of self-discovery

I wanted to highlight music that has provided me energy, inspiration, healing and peace throughout my journey of self-discovery. There is something for whatever mood or period I am going through in my life, this is music that connects to an individual on a deeper level.

I’ve grouped them into sections and explained when they come of use to me. It’s worth mentioning that I mostly listen to this music alone. Hope you find something interesting.


This music is about the wonderment of nature, the magic and mystery and understanding that perceived ‘normality' is beautiful beyond measure, if we dare to be still and see what’s in front of our eyes. Words associated are adventure, reverence, reflection, spiritualism and magic.


This is music for general relaxing and dissolving. This is the sort of music to listen to on a lazy day, wrapped up in a blanket on the sofa with your favourite drink, and a nice window to stare out of. Feel your muscles exhale. Words associated would be peace, relaxation and letting go.


This is music to listen to when new ideas are arising and the feeling that something needs to come to the surface. Accompany this music by having a pen and paper handy, writing down key words that come to your head and don't concern yourself with the context just yet. Moving also helps this process. Words associated would be playful, discovery,innocence, ideation, freedom and visionary.


This is music used to surrender to the spirit, to enter into the void, a place of absolute stillness and to connect to the energy around us. Feel as if you have dissolved into the earth, it is often a place of healing. Begin this process by meditating to reconnect with awareness. Associated words would be stillness, healing, spiritualism, medicine, native cultures, transitions and mysticism.


This is music to listen to for times of reflection and to be thankful for what we have in our lives and what we have experienced. Give yourself the space to ponder mentally when listening to this music, to be calm and still. Words associated would be grateful, reflective, surrender and inspiring.


This is music to listen to when you feel like formally praying. Religion agnostic, it’s about the practice and chanting that is uplifting and hypnotic. No labels. Words associated would be stillness, rhythmic and chanting.

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