Letting go of thoughts and feelings

We have spent our whole lives believing we are in control of our thoughts and feelings, that we should aim to be happy all the time, and that anything other than happiness means something is wrong. This is a complete fallacy, our thoughts and feelings are influenced by things out of our control, therefore in order to find peace and contentment, we need to accept the tides, whichever way they move, that is the way it is meant to be.

Just like nature, one day bright, one day grey, one day warm, one day wet. We are part of the ecosystem, it’s an oversight to think we are not subject to the same laws that influence every living thing. This also includes death, things die all the time, things also are born all the time. Death is something we have to accept and embrace, because it is a key design pattern that nature has enforced.

Fight against nature, you will lose.

Humans are a part of nature, we are destroying ourselves by destroying it. Until we understand this, we will not heal ourselves, we will not heal the planet. If you feel sad all the time, or anxious all the time etc… then that is a concern, and a reason to start to ask questions about your thoughts and feelings. Because there is no change in tides, there is a reason therefore. But the resting state of mind is always subject to the changing tides. One mood does not persist unless there’s a problem.

Those who are adaptable in nature, flourish, those who don’t, struggle. Slowing down allows us to see this, to accept that nature defines our laws, to learn about yourself, learn about nature. Simplicity is often the hardest thing to notice in a world full of desires and distractions.

Meditation is one way to unlock the strength to cope with the changing tides. We are in a constant state of trying to ‘feel good’ , to distract ourselves from any uncomfortable feelings. Meditation allows us to be present with whatever we are feeling, not pushing anything away, where we would normally try to avoid feeling uncomfortable.

This is because we’ve had decades of conditioning that we should feel good. People only celebrate feeling good, we praise feeling good, our films and TV want things to end up good, feeling good is engrained in us. One has to learn that good or bad doesn’t really exist. When you lose your job, you can choose to wallow, or you can use it as a chance to pursue something you really wanted to but never had the courage to, is that good or bad? Tougher times teach us resilience and strength.

Uncomfortable feelings are just charges of energy, train the mind to accept them, to feel comfortable in the uncomfortable, and we shall flourish. They will pass, just like the weather changes, so do moods and feelings. Stop trying to feel good all the time. We choose to attach good or bad to certain feelings.

Primal mindsets make us feel good when we buy things, when we find partners and shelters, but this is only the first level of life, move beyond this level to not be addicted to the dopamine surges these events bring.

Further contentment by entering into a state of acceptance, in survival terms, this resilience, coping with whatever is thrown at you. Life will always change, that’s ultimately where the adventure resides.

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