Change yourself to change the world

There are many people on this planet
Who will be doing things that are heroic
Who will reach the end of their lives
Without many people knowing their impact
Acting in silence
Does that make them any less important than those we heroify?
Does that make you and your endeavours any less important?
Is it right that the barometer of success is often public opinion?

Be aware of the hero complex
Often, we are willing to sacrifice everything to become a hero
But at what expense?
And how much of this is egoic endeavour?
The more we live out of balance to achieve certain goals
The more we sacrifice long term
Creating an unbalanced planet
Put simply, our planet is an amalgamation of global society in the present moment

In extreme cases, there is no choice but to live out of balance
How many of us avoid looking inward, avoid the greatest challenge, learning about oneself
To instead find egoic gratification through external achievements

But I hear you say
The world isn’t going to fix itself
Who else is going to do it?
I understand, I thought like that for most of my life
But I realised, it was at the expense of myself and of my loved ones
In the process of trying to help others, I was hurting others because I was hurting myself

If you look inward
You will begin the journey to finding peace within yourself
You will then emanate this peace to others
You will find peace in your own world, even amongst chaos
Which if we all practiced, would change the world
One small invisible step at a time

This is the hardest challenge
Because we are fearful of what lies within
We don’t understand ourselves and have destroyed our natural intuition
So we seek external praise for self satisfaction

We can all be impactful if we choose to change ourselves first
The world is the sum total of us all
Change yourself and the world changes with it

Choose acceptance, choose awareness, seek simplicity
Question things don’t make sense, things that aren’t right
Gather courage to seek the greatest journey, the pursuit of self realisation
Our trueselves is enough, we just need to realise it

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