Beat to natures rhythm

Peace and contentment live within the rhythm of nature.
Nature oscillates at the right frequency. We often do not
To seek peace, observe nature, and understand it’s teachings
Look beyond what you see.
It surrounds us at all times, we just resist it, and that resistance may lead to disease

Nature abides by the seasons, it does not force itself to flower all year round.
It knows that there are times to hibernate, to gather energy, to become slower, as well as times to stand up tall and show all of it’s colours.
It accepts death and sews its seed knowing rebirth will follow, it always does.
Nature does not rush, it takes it time to rise from the earth and form it’s roots.
It knows that rising too fast, will mean it will not stand strong so it waits patiently.

Nature understands balance
Balance of energies
Balance of growth
Balance of cycles
It does not try to fight against this
It yields

It knows if it consumes too much or too little, it jeopardises its health, and those around it
It knows if it doesn’t rest enough or too much, it won’t have enough energy to keep growing or it will kill itself
It knows this is a ongoing battle, that it must stay in rhythm
In that rhythm, things feel right

Nature accepts it’s spectrum
It understands that there are times when it needs to fight, times to rest
It knows that it must stay sharp
But this is not the focus, it’s a tool for it to use
The focus is to find balance, to find peace, to find it’s place

It accepts change
Change in the weather, change in circumstances
No water, too much water, it adapts
It knows that things will change again, that the sun will shine and one day the water will follow
It persists, it’s resilient

It remains humble
It knows that the flowers will die but the trees will remain strong
It does not need to show it’s strength, it builds itself slowly and without pretension, moving anything in it’s way with a slow, patient force
It remains humble but strong, it uses only what it needs to, but accepts that life is a battle, it’s not a conclusion

It accepts the rough weather and the smooth
It does not wish for either
It knows it will break at some point but that it will recover, that it will never stay as it is
It’s strong enough to stand alone when required

It grows in the rough and releases in the smooth
It ponders, it looks around without making a sound.
It does not need to be distracted, there is more than enough to see

It understands that it’s part of the whole, that it needs the bees to pollenate, the sun to shine, the water to drink
It does not destroy it’s very lifeline
It’s invisible to most eyes, subtle, yet the most powerful force on the planet
It will destroy us if we dare to think we stand above it

Ask yourself, how in line with nature are you?
How often do you accept change?
How often do you let parts of you die and rebirth into something new?
How often do you work quietly, without pretension?

If you want to find peace, it’s very simple
We are all vibrating to this frequency
But humans seem to think we are exempt
Adopt the laws of nature
And you will find peace

The first step is to ask why
Study nature, what patterns does it follow
Question everything you’ve been told
This is tough
It takes patience, resilience and determination

We’ve been taught the opposite
That we can control nature
That we are above it
We are destroying our own back yard
We are destroying ourselves
When will we see this?


This article was written after reflecting on my journey with anxiety and panic. Throughout my mid-late 20’s, I had felt like I was flying in my career and life in general. I had so much energy, loved living in the city and felt I had purpose. But circumstances changed a few years later, things that used to make me happy no longer did, I didn’t get the same warmth from what I was doing or from where I lived.

As I wasn’t prepared to accept the change, I chose to ignored the internal shift of frequency and distract myself, trying to make more money or find something more shiny. The more I did this, the more I ignored the rhythm, the more I fell into disease. Heart problems, burn-out, anxiety and panic ensued until I hit the point where I could not go on any more.

I went into hibernation, into retreat, I spent a winter unpacking what had happened, resting, being in nature, meditating and doing simple things. Without knowing, I began following my natural internal rhythm, not forcing myself to ‘be something’. This took an enormous amount of faith, in a world where the default is to pretend everything is OK and that we always stay the same throughout our whole lives. I was confronting my ego that was saying ‘why aren’t you doing X or Y?’.

What you learn during the emergence from darkness, equips you to flourish in the light. Neither state is preferred, both are cherished. Even though there is pain in the darkness, there is also beauty because what develops is a renewed sense of self, full of new ideas and invigoration. I have come to accept the cycles of change that nature teaches us, my resistance to them is what caused the suffering, not the change themselves. By being patient, which was terribly hard, I began to recover, ever so slowly. I slept better, I had more energy, I could look forward again.

I took 4 steps forward, 2 steps back, but I persisted. I bare the scars but do not fear them being seen. I learnt to say no, that there is a limit, that I have a balance to upkeep and the more I deviate from that, the more I deviate from peace. I let the old me die, and ushered in the new. I understood that I am always subject to change, that I have to adapt, that life is a battle, that there is no feeling ‘good’ all the time, but accepting that the way is to be comfortable with however I feel, not labelling it.

You don’t serve anyone by keeping things quiet, open up. We are all going through similar things.

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